How to dispose of security seals responsibly

At Secur-T, our main products are single-use security seals, to guarantee the optimal security of your goods and merchandise. They make it easy to spot attempted breaches since once opened, they become unusable. We are acutely aware of the environmental impact of releasing these devices into the wild. We therefore offer you the best options […]

Security seals for your peace of mind!

Your warehouses contain a lot of equipment, in addition to your goods. Ensuring security is paramount. Especially since these places are exposed to many risks, both inside and outside. It can be theft, embezzlement, break-in or even burglary. To ensure the integrity of your possessions, Secur-T offers you a wide choice of security seals to […]

Safety bolts available from Secur-T

At Secur-T, we offer different ranges of security seals, including bolt seals. These are available in many models to choose from according to their specificities and your needs. C-TPAT certified, they must be cut with bolt cutters. Snaptracker Bolt Seal The Snaptracker Bolt Seal is designed to optimize the security of shipping containers and trailers, […]

We are celebrating 17 years of Secur-T this year!

We are celebrating 17 years of Secur-T this year!

We are proud and happy to announce that we are celebrating our 17th year of existence in 2023. On this occasion, we would like to thank all those who participated directly or indirectly in the success of our company, and especially our suppliers, our customers and our collaborators. Our efforts would have been in vain […]

Safety accessory: cable cutters

The cable cutter is an essential tool for easily cutting cables and security seals. At Secur-T, we offer different models of cable cutters adapted to your needs, your budget and the diameter of your security seals. Four different sizes We offer 4 different sizes of cable cutters: C-3: One-handed cable cutter, maximum seal diameter to […]

Best wishes for 2022 from the team at Secur-T

As the Christmas and New Year holidays approach, we wish you to enjoy this joyous period to the full. May you enjoy unique moments with the people who are dear to you and may you welcome together and in happiness the year 2023 that is looming. We thank our employees, our customers and our suppliers […]

Adjustable plastic security seals

A security seal is a device designed to lock compartments such as containers, trailers or even travel bags in order to prevent theft and breaches. It comes in several models, including plastic, metal, fixed or adjustable models. We are going to take a look at those adjustable plastic security seals. What is an adjustable plastic […]

We have all security cables that meet C-TPAT standards currently in stock

C-TPAT certified businesses move more easily across US borders, whether by road, sea or rail. At Secur-T, we offer security cables that meet C-TPAT standards for your inventories. C-TPAT: what is it? C-TPAT stands for “Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism”. This is a certification that aims to combat terrorist threats related to goods entering the United […]

The importance of quality customer service

The importance of quality customer service

Quality customer service is one of the essential points that characterize a trustworthy and recommendable company, especially if it operates in the sales sector. What are the reasons? What is customer service? From a global point of view, customer service is the intermediary between a company and its customers. Its main functions are to answer […]

Security seal: discover the bolts

Bolt Cutters

Seals are security devices designed to lock compartments, whether on trailers, storage warehouses or containers. They come in many forms, including plastic seals and metal seals. At Secur-T we sell models with bolts, included in the category of metal devices. What is the purpose of security seals? Thanks to their inviolable nature, the main function […]

Plastic seals: fixed and adjustable… Why so many varieties?

Plastic seals: fixed and adjustable… Why so many varieties?

At Secur-T, we provide you with plastic seals to lock your containers, trailers, storage warehouses or any other type of compartment. Why do we offer so many varieties? What is a security seal? A security seal is a device intended to lock a compartment such as a trailer, a storage warehouse or even a suitcase. […]

Prepare your inventories before the summer holidays

Prepare your inventories before the summer holidays

It’s time to prepare your inventories as summer is almost here! Order your security seals now to protect access to your containers or your warehouses and to preserve the quality of your goods. At Secur-T, we offer you a wide range of locking devices suitable for several uses. Why should you use security seals? Security […]