Cable security seals are characterized by their high resistance. In addition to being easy to use and versatile; they are practically inviolable. At Secur-T, we offer several models. Among them, the Tyden Flex 35.

What do you need to know about this device?

Tyden Flex 35: a durable accessory

This cable seal is manufactured using robust materials. This gives it great resistance to external aggression. Particularly corrosion, severe weather, rust or even humidity.

The main body of the Tyden Flex 35 is made of anodized aluminum. It is associated with a non-preformed galvanized aircraft control cable. Finally, the internal locking components are the spring and the disc.

Technical specifications

Tyden Flex 35 cable seal complies with C-TPAT and ISO17712 standards. It has a tensile strength greater than 2,400 lbs (10.67 KN). Below are its dimensions:

Optimal protection

The Tyden Flex 35 cable seal is above all a deterrent. It leaves traces of any break-in. Indeed, it unfolds when cut. In addition, you can laser inscribe key information to ensure proper tracking. We quote, among other things, barcodes, serial numbers, the name of your company or its logo. This way, you can easily know if the seal was replaced during the journey. Finally, this device is quite difficult to break. Which makes it practically inviolable.

A versatile security seal

Tyden Flex 35 adapts to virtually all uses thanks to its resistance. The fact that it complies with current standards also extends its scope of application. So, it is generally used to lock the following elements:

Conclusion: Find the right locking solution at Secur-T

The Tyden Flex 35 cable seal is a practical and effective locking solution. In addition, it is quite versatile. Are you interested in this device? In this case, contact us without further delay! We will give you details about our services and offers.

We carefully select our suppliers. The solutions we offer are of good quality. We also help you assess your protection needs. We take a consultative approach to ensure your satisfaction. Do you need another accessory? We have many other models to offer you. You will find metal, plastic or even bolt seals in our catalog. Don’t hesitate to visit our official website to discover them!

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