Analysis of your safety and protection equipment needs

Providing the best safety and protection solutions also means adjusting to your reality. Focused on concrete solutions, our team offers you a consultative approach and active listening to offer you products fully adapted to your industry. Enjoy our advice service to:
  • Benefit from a rigorous follow-up of your needs;
  • Count on a diligent customer service;
  • Harmonize the management of vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Obtain recommendations for new products and safety and protection equipment.
Collision prevention or cargo security: thanks to our expertise and our partnerships with the best suppliers of security products worldwide, no need is too complex for us when it comes to security and protection.

Qualified advisors that adjust to your protection needs

The advice service, to us, is to know how to adapt to change. That is why we can make custom orders and equipment.

Recently, our security equipment needs analysis service had to deal with the pandemic by designing prevention equipment such as:

  • Social distancing partition;
  • Protection masks;
  • Protection visors.

But our expertise go way beyond that. By collaborating with our partners in engineering and our security advisors, we can modify our existing seals to meet the needs of more customers.

If it doesn’t exist, we will create it for you!

Risk assessment of accidents incurred

Do you know your risk profile? Do you know what the potential dangers in your industry are? Do you have the necessary tools to prevent those dangers?

In person, online or on the phone, we are here to listen to you. Talk to us about your reality. Contact our advisors for a detailed assessment of the accidents risks in your business.