Discover our different types of security seals

Versatile security seals, adapted to different levels of protection.

To ensure the safety of your container, truck or all of your facilities, we have the seals you need.

No matter the level of protection or the type of security seal you are looking for, our team knows how to offer you the product that suits you and offer you the best consulting service for your needs.

We rely on the best suppliers of safety equipment in the world to adapt to your needs quickly and easily. Take a look through our selection of security seals to find the
right one for your industry.

Plastic security seals

Who says plastic can’t be strong? Whether fixed or adjustable, our plastic security seals are suitable for a number of applications.

There is many advantages with this type of security seal:

  • Available in a variety of colors;
  • Has a customizable tab (to add a product name, a unique inscription or a barcode).
  • Very easy to install.

Fixed security seals

Fixed security seals do not provide the ability to control the length.

  • Plastic Truck Seal: Thanks to its patented design, this seal is the strongest choice on the market for your trucks, trailers and transportation equipment.
  • The Gemini Tote security seal: Used in retail, pharmaceutical and value transportation, the Gemini Tote seal is double numbered to secure transport bins from one location to another.
  • The TeviTag : Very flexible, this seal has a patented locking mechanism which is both convenient for your safety and for your logistics. Safe, simple, efficient and effective, the TeviTag is a tool to discover.

Adjustable security seals

Fixed security seals give the ability to control the length of the link.

  • The One Piece Seal : this adjustable seal is designed to mark items that have been compromised within your business.
  • The Pull-Tite II Seal : an economical security seal that you can use for multiple applications. It’s easy to break without using a tool.
  • The Light Medium Duty Pull Tight (LPT-MPT) : another plastic seal that combines “savings” and “versatility”.
  • The Equilok Seal : this “pull-tight” security seal is suitable for all equipment which requires a resistant locking mechanism. In addition, it is very resistant to large variations in temperature.
  • The Heavy Duty Pull Tight : Stronger and easier to use, this security seal allows you, like our other models, to personalize your lots by adding logos, information, numbering or barcodes.
  • The All Seal : Used extensively by airlines, healthcare institutions and dairy companies, this “pull-tight” security seal is resistant to wide temperature variations and no tools are required to remove it.
  • The Plastic PullTight Bag Seal : this seal is specifically designed to secure zippered bags. Many financial institutions have trusted this seal. It is also used in food combo bags.
  • The X-Strap Seal : Made with a strap, this security seal is suitable for use in a small opening or with a padlock.
  • The Secure-Grip Seal : like all of our security seals, this versatile seal is also available in polypropylene and can be used as a barcode.
  • The Secur-Pull : a plastic seal that is suitable for an impressive number of uses.
  • The Tug Tight Seal : If you are looking for an adjustable, single use pull seal that can be any size you want, the Tug Tight Seal is a winning choice.

Metal security seals

Metal seals are generally cables or bolts that are designed to make the cargo you move as secure as possible. This type of seal is often required for export by truck, container or train.