The GeoBolt security seal

The GeoBolt security seal Security seals are used to lock containers, trailers or other compartments. They are available in several versions. These include fixed and adjustable plastic models. These are the easiest to use. Their presence is above all a deterrent. They are also fitted with serial numbers to facilitate cargo tracking. Then there are […]

Discover the Tyden Flex 35 cable seal

Cable security seals are characterized by their high resistance. In addition to being easy to use and versatile; they are practically inviolable. At Secur-T, we offer several models. Among them, the Tyden Flex 35. What do you need to know about this device? Tyden Flex 35: a durable accessory This cable seal is manufactured using […]

Discover the KT ECO VOID safety packaging tape

Are you looking for a way to protect your packages during transport? TydenBrooks KT ECO VOID Safety Packaging Tape might be right for you. Thanks to its original design, this accessory leaves a trace of all attempted violations. Find out how it can help you secure your goods. How does KT ECO VOID safety packaging […]

We are celebrating our 18th anniversary this year!

We are celebrating our 18th anniversary this year!

2024 marks the celebration of our 18th anniversary. This is a significant step in our journey which was made possible thanks to your trust and support. To mark this occasion, we would like to take you back to the heart of our identity and make you discover again our services, what we are, our commitment […]

The Tug Tight Seal security seal

At Secur-T, we specialize in providing innovative security solutions. We therefore provide you with a vast selection of seals. These locking devices are specifically designed to guarantee optimal protection of your goods throughout their transport. Among this range of seals, today we present the Tug Tight Seal. Tug Tight Seal: a plastic security seal Tug […]

We wish you a very happy holiday season!

The holiday season is just around the corner! It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones. May each of us find time to rest. Breathe. Recharge ourselves. We already wish you wonderful end-of-year festivities! Furthermore, we would like to inform you of our schedules during this period. Our office hours during the […]

SnapTracker seals are on sale!

SnapTracker seals are among the most effective locking devices available. Particularly for transfers of valuable goods, foodstuffs or dangerous products. We are currently having a sale on these models! We’ll give you the details. Features of SnapTracker security seals SnapTracker security seals have great strength, thanks to their steel design. You even have to use […]

The advantages of C-TPAT seals for importing and exporting companies

C-TPAT certification aims to secure cross-border movements to the United States. More precisely, its objective is to limit terrorist threats linked to imported goods. The standards established concern the entire supply chain. And accreditation is obtained following strict verification procedures by US customs. Please note that this is a voluntary program. In other words, importing […]

Our advice for finding the right seal for your needs

There are several types of seals on the market. Some are purely deterrent while others offer a high level of security. There are even more sophisticated electronic models. For example, they include geolocation functionalities and are therefore traceable. They also emit signals in the event of a violation. In short, you are spoiled for choice. […]

Promotion on our “SnapTracker” bolt seals

Security seals are used to lock your containers, trucks, storage warehouses, or even your bags to protect your goods. On the one hand, their use makes it possible to identify intrusion attempts. Indeed, it is practically impossible to open them without leaving traces. In addition, in many cases, they are not reusable. Yet they are […]

Security seals: Remember to check your inventory level before the holidays!

As the holidays are fast approaching, we inform you that the production times for our security seals are currently longer. We therefore recommend that you check your inventory level in this area and place your orders now to avoid supply delays that may affect your operations. Security seals: you can’t live without them! Security seals […]

How to dispose of security seals responsibly

At Secur-T, our main products are single-use security seals, to guarantee the optimal security of your goods and merchandise. They make it easy to spot attempted breaches since once opened, they become unusable. We are acutely aware of the environmental impact of releasing these devices into the wild. We therefore offer you the best options […]