At Secur-T, our main products are single-use security seals, to guarantee the optimal security of your goods and merchandise. They make it easy to spot attempted breaches since once opened, they become unusable. We are acutely aware of the environmental impact of releasing these devices into the wild. We therefore offer you the best options to preserve our planet and dispose of your security seals responsibly after use.

Municipal recycling

The materials used to manufacture security seals, namely metal or plastic, are recyclable. You can contact your local recycling center in your municipality to ensure that they can collect these products with the rest of your recycling, in the regular collection. Regulations vary from municipality to municipality. This is the easiest option, because everything is done from your own company, without travel.

Ecocenters or sorting centers

An ecocentre is a site that organizes the collection and recovery of residual materials, where it is possible to go in person to drop off many items, including used security seals. These will then be transferred to specialized companies to be recycled, then reused for the manufacture of plastic or metal-based products. These raw materials are also very popular on the market today, the future of our planet having become a global concern.

Local private companies specializing in in-company collection

Take the time to do a quick web search to find companies in your area that specialize in collecting directly from your business, mainly for the recovery of metal seals. Some can even buy the metal back from you according to its weight.

Do not throw away your used security seals!

The materials used for their manufacture are not biodegradable and represent a big risk for the environment when they are thrown away in nature or in the garbage. Instead, we recommend that you get information from your recycling centres, local ecocentres and companies specializing in the collection of metal in the workplace. Living on a healthy and clean planet is in the interest of each of us. So let’s take our responsibilities to protect it, while ensuring the safety of our goods and property!