Are you looking for a way to protect your packages during transport? TydenBrooks KT ECO VOID Safety Packaging Tape might be right for you. Thanks to its original design, this accessory leaves a trace of all attempted violations. Find out how it can help you secure your goods.

How does KT ECO VOID safety packaging tape work?

KT ECO VOID packaging tape is pressure sensitive. It contains 25% less plastic compared to accessories of the same type and is simple to use.

  1. The “dry peel” reaction: it is impossible to reattach the tape after using it.
  2. The VOID display: The message “VOID” is displayed on the media when you lift or remove the tape. The writing is clear and indelible.

In addition, the bands are numbered. Numbers and other information are written beneath the surface. Therefore, it is practically impossible to modify them. This makes it easier to track the package. Please note that KT ECO VOID is USA TSA and CCSP approved.

In what circumstances should KT ECO VOID packaging tape be used?

KT ECO VOID security packaging tape can be applied to different types of supports. Here are some of them:

Find the KT ECO VOID safety packaging tape among our offers!

At Secur-T, we offer a wide choice of various locking systems. KT ECO VOID packaging tape is now available in our catalog. The accessory is customizable according to your needs. For example, it is possible to add numbering, perforations, barcodes or even QR codes. Of course, you can opt for the standard models. Additionally, rolls are available in several sizes, ranging from 50 to 915 meters. Finally, the minimum order is 3 cases for personalized rolls.

Protect your assets with KT ECO VOID

The KT ECO VOID packaging tape is above all a deterrent model. It also makes it possible to identify any manipulation or attempted manipulation during transport. In addition, it is compatible with almost all types of media. Finally, it is robust and of premium quality. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information about the accessory.

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