The GeoBolt security seal

Security seals are used to lock containers, trailers or other compartments. They are available in several versions. These include fixed and adjustable plastic models. These are the easiest to use. Their presence is above all a deterrent. They are also fitted with serial numbers to facilitate cargo tracking. Then there are metal seals. These are the most resistant. Sometimes you even need bolt cutters to remove them. Today, however, there are more effective models based on new technologies. The GeoBolt security seal from TydenBrooks is just such a seal.

The GeoBolt seal: what is it?

GeoBoltGeoBolt is a locking device. Its biggest advantage is that it’s equipped with GPS. It gives you precise information on the location of your cargo in real time, warns you of any intrusion attempts, and provides you with data on door opening and closing in real time too!

This device notifies you if the cargo route is modified, and it’s even possible to integrate BLE tags for additional Bluetooth tracking. What’s more, the GeoBolt security seal records data when it’s not connected. You can then check them once your goods have arrived safely.

What are the advantages of the GeoBolt security seal?

GeoBolt does much more than deter malicious people. It alerts you in real time to the slightest suspicious movement. For example, if doors are opened, or if your itinerary changes. So you can make decisions and act quickly in the event of problems. This is essential to limit damage. Of course, you need to connect it to the Internet to benefit from all these functions. What’s more, the GeoBolt device is reusable. So it’s more economical in the long term.

In what contexts can you use GeoBolt?

GeoBolt is the best solution for protecting your valuable goods. You can check where they are at all times. This seal is also used for supply chain mapping and very practical for remote warehouse monitoring.

You can combine it with the HGR-4 device. Among other things, the latter allows you to monitor environmental conditions. It gives you real-time information on humidity, light and interior temperature. This is important to ensure that goods are kept in good condition. Of course, it’s also equipped with a GPS.

Conclusion: effectively protect your goods

The GeoBolt security seal effectively protects your goods, facilitates real-time tracking and notifies you of problems at any time.

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