C-TPAT certification aims to secure cross-border movements to the United States. More precisely, its objective is to limit terrorist threats linked to imported goods. The standards established concern the entire supply chain. And accreditation is obtained following strict verification procedures by US customs. Please note that this is a voluntary program. In other words, importing and exporting companies are free to choose whether or not to participate. However, we note that members benefit from numerous advantages.

The advantages of C-TPAT certification

Certainly, the C-TPAT standards were introduced to combat terrorist threats. And they are really effective in this context. However, they mainly benefit certified operators. Here are the benefits they enjoy:

C-TPAT seals: required to obtain certification

We told you that the C-TPAT standards concern the entire supply chain. It is totally true ! Even the systems used for container locking must comply. Yes, there are indeed C-TPAT seals. They are designed to be tamper-proof. They are also sturdy and durable and it is practically impossible to tamper with them. The risks of intrusion, contamination or degradation are therefore limited, or even eliminated. Your goods benefit from optimal security throughout the journey.

We have what you need!

At Secur-T, we understand your desire for security! We also support your decision to participate in the C-TPAT program. This is why we offer security seals that comply with C-TPAT standards. Here are some examples:



Are you an importing or exporting company operating in the United States? In this case, don’t wait any longer to request C-TPAT certification if you don’t already have it! Participating in this program can only be beneficial for you. We, for one, support you! And we provide you with everything you need to meet standards. Visit our website to find out details about our offers and services. Also, do not hesitate to contact us directly if you ever have any questions.