At Secur-T, we specialize in providing innovative security solutions. We therefore provide you with a vast selection of seals. These locking devices are specifically designed to guarantee optimal protection of your goods throughout their transport. Among this range of seals, today we present the Tug Tight Seal.

Tug Tight Seal: a plastic security seal

Tug Tight Seal is a weather and impact resistant plastic seal. Its biggest advantage? Its length is adjustable. It adapts to the size of the compartment to be locked. Furthermore, it is a single-use device. Also, you can remove it without a specific tool. Just tear it off. In other words, it is easy to use. Available in several colors and customizable with your brand or numbering.

Safety with Tug Tight Seal:

The Tug Tight Seal is above all a deterrent device. Its mere presence discourages malicious individuals. Additionally, it is single-use. This means that it cannot be reinstalled once it has been removed and it has a serial number. It then makes it possible to detect possible intrusions along the way. However, it is essential that you apply a good tracking system at departure and arrival.

What are the main uses of this device?

We first note that the Tug Tight Seal is the alternative to the 9” two-way models. These are no longer available. You can use it to lock different systems:

This is a multi-use security seal. The Tug Tight Seal can be used in maritime, rail, air and road transport.

Tug Tight Seal: a versatile security seal

The Tug Tight Seal security seal protects your goods against tampering. It also helps detect intrusions. Its length is adjustable, depending on the size of the compartment to be protected. This is, in our opinion, its greatest advantage. In this way it can be used in many areas. We invite you to visit our website to find out more.

Why choose our seals?

We select the best security solutions for you. These are resistant, robust, efficient and durable. Because your needs are varied, we give you the choice. We do everything we can to help you find the seal that suits your needs. We also make sure to provide you with quality assistance when needed.

We are always at your disposal if you have any questions. Just contact us! You will find our contact details on our website.