SnapTracker seals are among the most effective locking devices available. Particularly for transfers of valuable goods, foodstuffs or dangerous products. We are currently having a sale on these models! We’ll give you the details.

Features of SnapTracker security seals

SnapTracker security seals have great strength, thanks to their steel design. You even have to use a bolt cutter to open them. They are therefore not reusable. This makes it easy to spot possible violations by checking the serial numbers. These are laser engraved and clearly visible. This robustness is also enough to deter malicious people in most cases. In addition, the manufacturers have equipped this model with a molded plastic coating. Traces of handling are then preserved. This makes it possible to detect intrusion attempts.

SnapTracker seals are very popular for transport by land and sea. In addition, they comply with ISO 17712: 2013 specifications and C-TPAT standards. Therefore, these are the systems to favor for transfers to the United States. Finally, these seals are rather light. In fact, they weigh around 0.06 kg.

How to choose the right C-TPAT security seals for your security needs?

Join the C-TPAT program if your company regularly exports goods to the United States. This was established as part of the fight against terrorist threats. Participants benefit from numerous benefits, including:

But how do you find the right C-TPAT security seals? It’s easy. Simply take into account the following criteria:

SnapTracker seals are on sale with us!

The SnapTracker seal is the ideal solution if:

At Secur-T, we are currently running a promotion on these models. We then give you a chance to acquire the best locking device at a low price. Attention ! The offer will be valid while stocks last. We therefore advise you to place your order now! We invite you to visit our site to discover the details about this seal. But also on the other models that we offer. Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer you!