Security seals are used to lock your containers, trucks, storage warehouses, or even your bags to protect your goods. On the one hand, their use makes it possible to identify intrusion attempts. Indeed, it is practically impossible to open them without leaving traces. In addition, in many cases, they are not reusable. Yet they are numbered. Controllers can then easily know if they have been changed. On the other hand, their mere presence usually deters malicious people. There are several types of security seals. Bolt seals are among the strongest of them and SnapTracker is one of them. At Secur-T, this model is currently on sale!

What is a bolt seal?

As its name suggests, this type of seal locks your containers and trucks using metal or steel bolts. This is why it is very robust and resistant. You have to use a bolt cutter to open it. The bolt seal is mainly used to secure goods transported by rail, sea and road. In most cases, it is even the only authorized locking solution when it comes to dangerous goods.

What should you know about the SnapTracker bolt seal?

The SnapTracker bolt seal is the preferred locking solution for securing your high-value goods during transfer. Very resistant, it is mainly used for truck and container transport. It is entirely made of steel for optimal resistance. And you need a bolt cutter to open it. But more!

It has a molded plastic coating that reveals any traces of manipulation and intrusion attempts. Also, the laser information written on the body of the device is easily visible, for better tracking.

In addition, this model complies with C-TPAT standards as well as the requirements of ISO 17712: 2013 specifications. This facilitates the transport of goods between the United States and Canada. As for the physical characteristics, the seal weighs about 0.064 kg.

The SnapTracker bolt seal is on sale, while supplies last!

We at Secur-T are currently promoting our SnapTracker bolt seals! This is a special opportunity to acquire resistant, robust, efficient protection solutions that comply with current standards for less. An opportunity not to be missed! We invite you to contact us for more information. We will be happy to serve you and fulfill your orders. So don’t hesitate! This offer is valid while stocks last.

To conclude

We would like to remind you that we also offer other types of seals. Surely we have a model suitable for the level of security you need. Plastic seal, metal seal and even GPS seals… our offers are numerous!

Browse our website to discover them and find what you need. And again, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information about the solutions we offer.