As the holidays are fast approaching, we inform you that the production times for our security seals are currently longer. We therefore recommend that you check your inventory level in this area and place your orders now to avoid supply delays that may affect your operations.

Security seals: you can’t live without them!

Security seals protect your goods and they keep traces of manipulation. In other words, you can confirm an intrusion attempt just by examining them. There are even robust and resistant models whose opening requires specific equipment such as a bolt cutter. In addition, their presence is often enough to discourage thieves and malicious individuals. This is why you cannot do without these locking solutions to secure the transport or even the storage of your goods. Moreover, their use is even mandatory in a lot of cases, especially for international shipments.

What could happen if you don’t have enough security seals?

If you lack security seals, you will not be able to ensure deliveries or the supply of raw materials to your factories, for example. If security seals are essential for the transport of your goods, this could result in transport delays on your end. In short, your productivity, and therefore your finances, will be greatly affected. This is why we inform you that we currently have longer production times for security seals, so you can take the necessary steps to properly manage your inventory.

What should be done in this case?

We advise you to check your inventory level of seals before the holidays. This way you can place orders early and receive them before your stock runs out. This will allow you to continue your activities without problems and avoid losses linked to a possible interruption during the summer. In our opinion, it would be even more prudent to order a larger quantity for this period. This way, you will have peace of mind since you have enough reserves to deal with the unexpected. You will then fully enjoy your well-deserved break! For your information, there is no risk that these devices will perish if you do not use them for the next few months.

Check your seal stocks before the holidays!

Don’t wait any longer! Check your inventory level before the holidays arrive and place your orders early! At Secur-T, we offer a wide selection of security seals. We have metal, plastic or even geo-located models and we guarantee quality and efficiency. Finally, we already wish you a wonderful, pleasant and relaxing holiday!