Quality customer service is one of the essential points that characterize a trustworthy and recommendable company, especially if it operates in the sales sector. What are the reasons?

What is customer service?

From a global point of view, customer service is the intermediary between a company and its customers. Its main functions are to answer their questions, to propose effective and rapid solutions to their problems, to collect their comments, whether positive or negative, and to communicate them to the competent authorities. In other words, a customer service is in a way the representative of the company to customers, or even buyers in our case.

How important is good customer service?

According to surveys, more than half of customers say the quality of customer service influences their choices and decisions. They are more willing to buy, subscribe or even pay for a service when the agent looking after them is friendly, respectful, competent and caring.

In addition, quality customer service is essential to solving the problems of dissatisfied customers and regaining their trust so that they do not turn to the competition. In short, it is an effective way to show consumers that the company is doing everything to ensure their satisfaction.

How to recognize quality customer service?

Here are the essential criteria that will allow you to recognize quality customer service.


Quality customer service is first and foremost responsive, regardless of how you contact them (phone, email, or chat). In other words, the agents answer you quickly when you try to reach them during the opening hours of the service.

Tone and respect

Regardless of your reasons for contacting the service, agents should address you in a respectful, polite and warm manner. On your side, you must also be kind and courteous, whatever your problem.


Finally, a quality customer service is able to answer all your questions about the products offered by the company and how they work. It can also help you choose the item or offer that best suits your situation. Finally, he can guide you through certain procedures that seem complicated to you and find effective solutions to your problems as quickly as possible.

To conclude

At Secur-T, we understand the importance of providing you with quality customer service. This is how we provide you with friendly, caring, competent and responsive agents to answer all your questions about our products, namely security seals or protective equipment, and to send you quotes quickly. You can even ask them for samples, if needed. You can reach them by email, phone, chat or fill out the online contact form directly.