C-TPAT certified businesses move more easily across US borders, whether by road, sea or rail. At Secur-T, we offer security cables that meet C-TPAT standards for your inventories.

C-TPAT: what is it?

C-TPAT stands for “Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism”. This is a certification that aims to combat terrorist threats related to goods entering the United States. The program thus defines a set of security standards to be respected throughout the supply chain of certified operators, particularly in terms of locking containers or trucks.

What are the benefits of C-TPAT certification?

C-TPAT certification is a voluntary program that your company may or may not choose to join. Nevertheless, being a certified operator can give you many advantages.

We sell security cables that meet C-TPAT standards

Achieving C-TPAT certification involves the use of security devices, including seals, that meet specific standards. We offer in our catalog several models of security cables that meet C-TPAT standards for better locking of your goods after inventories and during their transfer to the United States. In addition, they guarantee greater protection against theft, misappropriation or contamination.

Some examples of C-TPAT compliant security cables available from us!

To be C-TPAT approved, metal seals must have a minimum diameter of 3.5mm. We offer quality products, carefully selected. Here are the two most popular, which have similar applications; the sealing of containers, intermodal trailers or wagons:

These two seals are available with continuous numbering, or can be personalized with the name of your company. In the other C-TPAT certified seals we also have bolt seals, which must also be cut with cable cutters.


You will find details of all the safety cable models we offer in our online catalogue. Note that we also sell plastic seals as well as other safety devices such as doors and grilles or accessories for forklifts. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on our services or our products.