The entire Secur-T team is happy to wish you happy new year! May this be the year of all successes.

Secur-T, the specialist in safety devices for transportation has two warehouses located respectively in Montreal and in Ontario. Our watchword is to always be closer to customers.

Better visibility with customers

Ontario and Montreal are among the cities experiencing the strongest demographic and economic growth across Canada. Establishing our warehouses in these regions allows us to optimize our visibility with customers and to promote ever faster delivery for our customers.

Expedited delivery service

With our many years of existence, we have made the following observation: the majority of customers who place orders are based in Ontario, Montreal and the surrounding areas. It is only natural that we have strategically located our warehouses in these large cities. This allows our customers to benefit from better delivery times, but also reduced costs due to our proximity. We are more efficient and you save time and money.

Ontario and Montreal: two key areas of Canada

If Secur-T has chosen to set up its warehouses in Montreal and Ontario, it is also because these regions have a large number of industrial companies and companies likely to be interested in equipment and accessories that we offer. As a result, we follow demand to better serve our customers.

In addition, being two of the largest cities in Canada, they are in a way the hubs that facilitate the distribution of all products to the rest of the country. The majority of the land cargo that disperses across North America passes through these two major cities. It is therefore more than interesting to locate your warehouses in these cities in order to facilitate distribution throughout the territory.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out about the products in stock at these different locations.

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