Are you planning to purchase security padlock seals?

Whether it is a plastic padlock or a brass padlock, using one will provide security for your property and goods.
Light and practical, the plastic padlock is an excellent alternative when it is not necessary to physically block an access. The solid brass padlock is anticorrosive, is suitable for flammable environments and provides additional security in the long term.


The most effective option is using a brass padlock combine with a plastic seal. Unlike traditional padlocks that can be opened and closed without evidence of tampering, our padlocks have a hole that goes through the body and through the handle so an indicative seal can be inserted. An altered or broken seal indicates that the lock has been opened.

All our padlocks are reusable and can leave evidence of tampering when combined with our plastic seals.

  • The choice of the key;
    1. Each padlock can come with two unique keys and one master key to open all padlocks.
    2.  One key that can open all padlocks.
  •  For more security, the padlocks can be equipped with a key retainer:  the key cannot be removed if the handle is not properly closed.
  •  An inscription can be laser engraved on a padlock without the risk of information being erased.
  •  Considering the weather and its conditions, we have a padlock protector to avoid the intrusion of dust and dirt while on the road.

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