During the long period where most of the activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is at a stop, it is essential to secure offices, commercial premises and even storage warehouses. In order to carry out this task, there is nothing like security seals. What are they really used for?

Security Seal: an essential security device

Security seals increase protection against theft and contamination. The security seal is an important actor in the supply chain and contributes to an increase in security and well-being of society.

Seals are also essential for the safe transport of goods. In addition to dissuading thefts, the presence of these security devices makes it possible to identify at a glance if a package has been compromised and then take the necessary measures (verification, internal sales, etc.).

A complete catalogue of security products at Secur-T

All of our products include a wide range of security devices to meet your needs. When it comes to security seals, you have the choice between metal and plastic models, which come in different sizes.

Other products complete our offer, namely security bags with seal to store and secure your various goods. We also offer curtains and barriers for social distancing, equipment that is now essential in any place with high traffic.

Finally, you can find other security products such as visors for construction helmets, reusable fabric masks and protective screens on feet as well as the security vestibule that allows you to receive packages or visitors in compliance with the constraints of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

100% operational services

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic currently raging around the world, we would like to emphasize that our services are fully operational. Our teams of professionals are available to answer your questions and your security needs.

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