A security barrier delimits an area inaccessible or limited to the general public on a construction site or in a warehouse. This device aims to protect passers-by and workers from possible accidents such as falls. This type of equipment is currently available in a portable, more practical and economical version that we are presenting to you today.

A more secure and efficient measure

Such a portable barrier offers more security compared to traditional warning tapes or cones. Indeed, the nets which compose it are more solid and robust. In addition, it is more visible, even at night. The height of this equipment also prevents the most curious from crossing it. It is therefore a model to promote in order to optimize employee safety and thus give them the opportunity to work undisturbed and in complete safety.

An economical and ecological equipment

The “reusable” nature of a high-quality portable barrier such as the Rapid Roll and PSZ models results in significant savings over time. It also limits the discharge of non-biodegradable waste to landfills. In any case, these sturdy equipment withstand all weather conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds and winter.

Very easy to use equipment

A portable barrier generally weighs ten or fifteen kilograms. It can therefore be transported, installed and removed easily and quickly by one person. You just need to install the stand in the desired location before unrolling the equipment. Then, all you have to do is activate the crank to take it apart and put it away. Note that some models have a handle, which is even more practical.

We recommend portable safety barriers Rapid Roll and PSZ for your operations and the safety of your employees. This type of equipment is safe, easy to use and above all, economical.

Plan your purchases now!

Currently, logistical and administrative procedures are generally more complex because of the Covid-19. Longer delays are to be expected for any shipment of goods.

Indeed, the latter can stay longer in port because of the preventive health measures taken to limit the spread of the virus. Also, the cost of containers is now much more expensive. In any case, we advise you to plan your orders accordingly and ensure that the products you have reach you on time.

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