A forklift is a handling vehicle intended to lift, move and transport heavy loads in factories, loading docks or even storage warehouses. Nowadays, you can equip them with modern and practical accessories and gadgets to ensure safety in their environment of use.

The Back SAVR

The Back SAVR is a practical and innovative device designed to avoid collisions with a forklift, which can sometimes be destructive, when the latter is backing up near a racking system.

The Forklift Spotter

This is an indicator light that warns pedestrians of the presence of a forklift, even in areas of limited visibility such as bends. The lights can be diffused on the front, side or rear of the vehicle and are easily located within 10 to 20 meters, depending on the model.

The Safe-Bumper

Despite a high level of safety, accidents can still occur while moving a forklift. Safe-Bumper is a PVC device to be installed on the vehicle’s bumper, specially designed to limit damage in the event that the latter hits any surface.

Shop at Secur-T!

Secur-T offers practical and modern devices designed to optimize the safety of workers and goods in a warehouse or factory. As part of the Canado Nacan Equipments group, we have been providing quality products and services for about fifteen years. You can visit our showroom or contact us directly from the site or by phone for additional information.


Equipping your forklifts with accessories like the Forklift Spotter, Back SAVR and Safe-Bumper is practically essential to ensure the safety of your employees, your equipment and stored goods. In addition, it allows you to provide a healthy and safe working environment for workers, which could optimize their productivity. We offer good quality products in this area so please contact us for more detailed information.

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