A security seal is a disposable device to secure any type of property to protect it from theft or other offences. It is particularly useful for transporting goods in containers or sealing a warehouse. No matter what industry you work in, security seals are essential to protect your products. Summer is here, check that you have enough in stock!

Plastic Seals

Plastic seals are primarily intended to delineate unauthorized access or indicate probable burglary. They are considered indicative seals as they do not prevent access to protected content, but highlight theft or fraud.

Their length can be fixed or adjustable. Each type varies according to the shape, dimensions and requirements of the security of the goods. They are generally used to seal drums, boxes, bags, trolleys …

These seals are available in various colours to offer a wide choice to customers, but also to facilitate the logistics process by assigning colour codes according to criteria such as customers, distance , fragility …

Seals made of metal

Metal security seals serve both to secure and indicate theft or fraud of a good.

Generally, they come under 3 levels of protection quite distinct: the first is the high security seals. This type of seal is mostly used for shipping and takes the form of a barrier (a kind of tube with two ends in the form of abutment) or a solid cable. They withstand a pull of up to more than 1,000 kg.

Then come the conventional security seals. These are adjustable wire ropes that fit a majority of types of goods to be transported. They support a pull of up to about 231 kg.

Finally, the indicative metallic seals are the basic models. They look much like plastic, but more resistant, taking the form of a ring or an adjustable collar.

Check Your Stocks for the Summer

The summer announces the beautiful days, but also the necessity to renew or reinforce the security of your goods. This is the right time to replenish your security seal stocks to avoid running out.

Do not hesitate to contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you.

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