Seals are security devices intended to lock trucks, containers, storage compartments or even offices. Qualified as inviolable, they make it possible to prevent and detect intrusions and attempted fraud.

Did you just take an inventory of your merchandise before the holiday close? This equipment would be of great use to you to lock down access to stock and limit the risk of contamination or theft. At Secur-T, we offer a wide choice of security seals, including metal models.

Metal security seals

As the name suggests, these security seals are made of metal and come in the form of bolts or cables. They are generally more resistant and guarantee the optimum safety of your goods. Discover our best models in this category.

FlexiGrip 325-M

The FlexiGrip 325-M is a non-preformed, stainless medium load cable security seal for cargo. However, its resistance and solidity also make it a practical equipment to lock your desks or storage compartments during the holidays. This device is also equipped with several marking options including tamper-proof laser printing. The cable is 405mm in length and its diameter is 3.5mm. Finally, it complies with the C-TPAT standard.

FlexSecur FS50

The FlexSecur FS50 model is suitable for all types of compartments including intermodal trailers, containers or even warehouses. Specially robust and resistant, it is composed of a non-preformed and galvanized cable that unravel when cut, a system that makes it easy to spot attempted breaches and intrusions. This security seal also complies with C-TPAT and PEP standards.


Secur-T has been one of the leaders in the distribution of security devices in Canada for several years. We also offer plastic security seals that are just as strong and tough. We invite you to contact us for further information on our services and products.

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