State-of-the-art, tamper-proof tracking systems for your cargoes

State-of-the-art, tamper-proof tracking systems for your cargoes

Secur-T is a leading distributor of premium quality protection systems and locking devices in the North American region. Our catalog includes new, state-of-the-art, tamper-proof tracking and monitoring solutions to ensure the safety of your goods as they move from one point to another: the GeoBolt and the TB-HGR4.

The GeoBolt

Developed as a collaboration between Tydenbrooks and giant GeoTech, the GeoBolt is a virtually tamper-proof device that allows owners to track their loads and monitor their location in real time. It also sends alerts in the event of tampering or attempted breach of the locking system. To do this, the equipment is integrated into the GeoSmart platform. Here are its characteristics and specificities:

  • Equipped with a bolt seal conforming to ISO 1772: 2013;
  • Send alerts and notifications when the seal is handled;
  • Has a unique coded identification number;
  • Equipped with internal GSM and GPS;
  • Can store 2000 reports when the signal is inactive and send them directly as soon as the device is connected;
  • Reusable device;
  • Certifications: CE, FCC-part 75B, ICES and IP65.


The TB-HGR4 Tracker is a GPS tracking and condition monitoring device within a supply chain. Indeed, the device is able to provide the following information:

  • The temperature;
  • The light;
  • The location;
  • The shock levels;
  • The movements.

It can operate completely stand-alone or be combined with the Tyden device.

Here are the main features of TB-HGR4:

  • Storage of important data when the device is disconnected and send as soon as the signal is active;
  • Can be charged from QI wireless charging;
  • NIST traceability option;
  • Possibility to choose the option of wired and fixed use if necessary;
  • Reusable.

Who is Tydenbrooks?

Tydenbrooks is one of the leaders in manufacturing and marketing innovative and customizable security seals in the Americas. Having started as a toy manufacturer in 1870, the company started producing compartment locking devices from 1873. Its nearly 150 years of experience in the field justifies and therefore guarantees the quality of its equipment. In addition, Tydenbrooks is now present on all continents in order to offer the best services to global customers.


GeoBolt and TB-HGR4 are premium quality, easy to use, reusable, tamper proof and innovative monitoring and tracking devices. Note that these devices work via an online platform.

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