Your warehouses contain a lot of equipment, in addition to your goods. Ensuring security is paramount. Especially since these places are exposed to many risks, both inside and outside. It can be theft, embezzlement, break-in or even burglary.

To ensure the integrity of your possessions, Secur-T offers you a wide choice of security seals to lock your storage space, but also your trailers, your containers and even your bags.

We have seals available at our warehouse in Saint-Laurent

A security seal is simply a device that seals. That is to say, it will make an object or a place inviolable or inaccessible. A certain level of security is thus ensured. In addition to protecting your goods and merchandise, this mechanism will make it easier for you to spot any fraudulent actions, whether it is theft or corruption of the integrity of your possessions. In general, a security seal is used only once. Once opened (or broken), impossible to lock it again. This is a security guarantee. It should be noted, however, that there are still reusable seals.

At Secur-T, we strongly advise you to invest in these devices. We also inform you that we have seals in stock at our offices in Saint-Laurent and we invite you to visit the premises to discover the solutions we offer.

Enjoy professional on-site advice!

We offer a wide selection of plastic and metal security seals, each with their own specificities. So that you can find the model that best suits your needs, your activities and your budget, we provide you with personalized professional advice on site. Our goal is to satisfy you by guaranteeing the optimal security of your goods, your documents and your personal effects.

An attentive and competent customer service at your disposal

Our qualified advisers will accompany you throughout the sales process, from the choice of model to the purchase. Thanks to their great ability to listen and analyze, they are in fact able to understand your reality and establish your risk profile, based on your activities.

After a careful assessment of your case, they then offer you the best solutions to optimize the security of your goods or your business and can also tell you about other products that could be useful to you. In addition, they are always at your disposal if you have any questions.

Visit our offices in Saint-Laurent!

The security seal is essential to protect your goods, your personal effects and your documents against theft and damage following an intrusion. We invite you to make an appointment to meet with us at our offices in Saint-Laurent to find the model you need. A professional and competent advisory service is available on site to help you make your choice.