Seals are security devices designed to lock compartments, whether on trailers, storage warehouses or containers. They come in many forms, including plastic seals and metal seals. At Secur-T we sell models with bolts, included in the category of metal devices.

What is the purpose of security seals?

Thanks to their inviolable nature, the main function of security seals is to protect goods against theft, contamination, fraud or misappropriation. They also make it possible to fight against smuggling or even arms trafficking.

Bolt security seals

Bolt security seals are generally used to lock containers, trailers or wagons during the transfer of goods. As their name suggests, these devices are made of particularly strong steel bolts.

The bolt seals we offer

Cone Loc Seal

The Cone Loc Seal model is primarily used to lock doors of trailers, railcars and trucks in a closed loop distribution system. Particularly robust and resistant, it has a reusable locking body, personalized barcoding and a tracking indicator.

SnapTracker Bolt Seal

The SnapTracker Bolt Seal has been specially designed to ensure the safety of valuable goods thanks to its high resistance. It consists of a steel bolt with a plastic coating to retain evidence of manipulation in the event of intrusion attempts. In addition, this device complies with ISO 17712: 2013 specifications and C-TPAT.


The LOCKTAINER 3000 L model is best known on the market for its ease of use and robustness. It features a laser dial bolt joint and features a steel core. In addition, this device is certified by Dayton T. Brown Laboratories for its tightness and meets ISO standards.

Geo Bolt

Geo Bolt is a model of connected bolt security seal. In addition to locking and securing goods, it also allows owners to have real-time information about their location. Also, it provides evidence of violation and can even send signals via a dedicated platform in case of intrusion or tampering.

Why buy bolt seals from us?

We carefully select the products we sell in order to offer you only superior quality, resistant and practical models. Also, we provide you with experts who will help you assess the risks associated with your activities and provide you with sound advice on the solutions best suited to your situation.


We invite you to browse our online catalog to find the logistics security devices suited to your needs. You can then place your order directly from the website. In addition, do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information concerning our products or our services.