A forklift is a machine that is particularly essential in factories, warehouses or large storage areas. It is a handling and lifting device that makes it possible to move and transport more or less large loads easily. Beyond the practical side, it is essential that arrangements be made for the safe use of it.

SecurT offers a wide range of accessories to protect both machines and employees. Take advantage of our special offers to secure your work environment now.

The Forklift Spotter announces the presence of a forklift, even in a limited visibility area such as a turn. This accessory is in the form of a white or blue color light which diffuses an intense light, easily detectable within a radius of 10 to 20 metres, either forward, backward or on the sides in order to alert pedestrians.

The Back SAVR is a device specially created for the purpose of securing the area when going backward, preventing collisions with a forklift when maneuvering near a racking system.

The Accu-Tilt indicates the level and the angle of the fork to reduce the risk of piercing some racks or products. This accessory also contributes to optimizing the productivity of the operator insofar as he no longer moves blindly and knows precisely what he is doing.

In the same principle as the Accu-Tilt, the Accu-Height is a sticker allowing the forklift driver to quickly define the most suitable fork height according to the levels of pallet racks. Then he simply needs to match the sticker and the color marker in order to find the proper height.

Finally, there are also the Safe Bump Forklift Protector bumpers which limit damage in the event of unexpected events and allow the operator to work in complete peace of mind. Made of flexible PVC, they absorb shocks to minimize or even avoid damage to the forklift.

Investing in protective equipment is essential, not only from a safety standpoint, but also for employee performance and efficiency.

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