The cable cutter is an essential tool for easily cutting cables and security seals. At Secur-T, we offer different models of cable cutters adapted to your needs, your budget and the diameter of your security seals.

Four different sizes

We offer 4 different sizes of cable cutters:

You can then choose the model according to your exact needs.

*Pictured: The E-7 Cable Cutter, in stock and ready to ship

High quality cable cutters

All the products we offer are made with the best possible materials and our cable cutters are no exception to this rule. For the C-3, C9 and C12 models these are made in Switzerland, they are made of steel alloy whose formula has been specially designed to withstand all shocks and to last over time. The blades are very strong and very sharp and can cut up to a diameter of 12mm, depending on the model.

Our cable cutters also offer optimal user comfort. They have a triangular cutting system to reduce the effort required to cut the security seals.

Cable cutters delivered to your home

Our team is doing everything possible to deliver your orders as soon as possible.

Other accessories and safety equipment

At Secur-T, we offer a whole range of other accessories and safety equipment that you can consult in our catalog. We have a multitude of cable and bolt seals, of different diameters and different resistances. In the same category as cable cutters, we have several models of bolt cutters. They are available in several sizes, and are made with ultra-resistant and durable materials.

These devices are particularly useful for opening bolt seals that secure shipping containers.