The introduction of security labels and tapes is an effective measure to prevent fraud and theft during the delivery of parcels. These adhesives offer a lot of benefits, especially when your goods are packed in cartons.

Easy to use

Ribbons and security labels are very easy accessories to install on your goods. Small hand-held devices allow you to unroll them evenly and quickly, much like traditional adhesive tapes.

On the price side, these solutions against fraud and theft are among the most economical on the market, while ensuring high security.

Optimum efficiency

Ribbons and security labels perfectly fulfill their role: to prevent fraud and theft. Once the package is sealed with these tapes, it cannot be opened without breaking them.

Some models of security ribbons leave on the cardboard or sealed package an indelible mark proving the infringement and preventing fraudsters from replacing them.


Although most security ribbons and tags are optimized for parcels such as cartons or envelopes, their use extends over a wider range of goods to be transported depending on the models offered.

Thus, you can seal larger goods, including doors you want to deny access to everyone, but also containers. The labels are also very practical for suitcases or briefcases containing valuable goods such as silver or jewelry.

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