Safety management as well as inventory management are crucial to every company. With summer vacation approaching, check if you have everything you need with regard to safety.


You need to safeguard an area inside a building or a potentially dangerous outdoor space? Rapid Roll can be used in many ways and in multiple locations.

Why Rapid Roll?

Easy-to-use, this ergonomic system will save you valuable time: assembling this barrier requires only a few minutes.

It weighs only 28 lbs (12,7 kg) to facilitate handling and access.

This well-designed product is reusable, economical and environmentally-friendly compared to other temporary barrier systems.

Its ergonomic design will help protect risk-prone areas and their users.


This portable safety system is versatile and will take any shape needed to delimit a danger area. This system is used as a visual, ergonomic and practical barrier. Its simplicity makes it easy for everyone to use.

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