Nos dispositifs spéciaux COVID-19

At a time when Covid-19 is still present, it is vital to preserve or even strengthen security measures to prevent the spread of the virus while gradually resuming “normal” life. In particular, we must protect people who come and go in busy places. One of the best suited solutions is to use plexiglass panels.

The importance of plexiglass panels

Plexiglas panels provide optimal protection against the spread of the virus. They are set up in public and very frequented places such as supermarkets or other large commercial or industrial spaces. They form a barrier preventing the projection of droplets that may be contaminated.

These signs are installed at checkouts, reception areas in shops and pharmacies, in reception areas, but also in offices. Their transparency implies less visual restriction, making them almost unnoticed.

Different models of plexiglass panels

Secur-T offers suspended or standing Plexiglas panels. The first is hung from the ceiling. This type of installation is suitable for separating workstations in an office or tables in a restaurant.

Freestanding panels are more suitable for demarcating queues and work areas in industrial premises, construction sites or docks. Due to their specificities, they are easy to move, compared to suspended panels.

Secur-T, distributor of plexiglass panels

Specialist in the supply of protective materials, Secur-T markets excellent quality plexiglass panels for various uses. You have the choice between a multitude of dimensions according to your needs.

Our products made in Canada are durable and offer optimal protection against airborne contamination.

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