Security seals are devices used to close trailers, warehouses or even containers so that they become tamper-proof. We are currently promoting the PTS Plastic Truck Seal model which is among the safest on the market. Here are more details about it.

PTS Plastic Truck Seal: presentation

The Plastic Truck Seal is a patented, safe and reliable device. Made entirely with polypropylene, it is also durable and tough. It also has a double locking system that makes it virtually tamper-proof. In addition, the mechanism has sequential laser-printed numbering to facilitate control procedures upon delivery of goods. Plastic Truck Seal weighs around 9 kg and is available in several colors: blue, yellow, red and green.

Promotion on our seals

When you buy a box of Plastic Truck Seal, we will apply a 10% discount on the second one. We point out, however, that the offer is not valid for resellers. In addition, it applies only to new orders and is not available for a pending agreement. Various items and colors are still in stock.

Secure your sites with Secur-T

Secur-T offers many other devices to ensure the safety of your equipment as well as that of the workers who work on your sites (factories or loading docks). You can view our catalog and place your orders directly through our website. We also are at your disposal if you want additional details on available items or other current promotions. Finally, it is possible to schedule a physical or virtual meeting with experts from our team if necessary.

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