A Forklift Spotter is a warning light that alerts pedestrians to the arrival of a forklift or other industrial machine on a turn. For this, visible light is projected over 10 to 20 meters. You can install this accessory on the back, front or side of all vehicles moving through your factory or warehouse. It has many considerable advantages.

What are the advantages of a Forklift Spotter?

Pedestrian safety on turns and crossings

Forklift Spotter is a particularly effective warning device for preventing accidents in factories or warehouses. Its placement makes it easier to spot machines and forklifts on turns where visibility is poor. Indeed, pedestrians are visually warned of the presence of a vehicle nearby. They can then be extra careful when moving forward, or even stop.

Better management of vehicle traffic

A Forklift Spotter is also able to detect forklifts and other industrial machinery nearby. Each driver is therefore warned of the arrival of another vehicle before entering a bend or intersection where visibility is poor. This makes it possible to limit the risk of collisions which can cause both material and human damage.

The safety of pedestrians near the machines

There are also models of Forklift Spotters that you can install on the side of forklifts and other vehicles. They indicate to pedestrians the areas not to be passed when they are near the machines to ensure their safety. Indeed, it sometimes happens that the loads become detached and fall or that pedestrians find themselves dragged by the body of the vehicle.

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