Canado Nacan/Secur-T is a division of Canado Nacan which works in the field of protection. It distributes a wide range of security products. For this new decade, Secur-T pursues its mission and offers you the solutions to effectively protect your goods and your supply chain.

We attach particular importance to the handling of food and are aware that strict procedures must be adopted to ensure that it is not altered or contaminated during transport.

The importance of proper food handling

In fact, the CFIA or Canadian Food Inspection Agency has implemented preventive measures to avoid this type of event which obviously harms the entities concerned, but which turns out to be especially dangerous for consumers.

These measures then make it possible to ensure the protection of animals, plants and food and to protect them from accidental or intentional acts which could deteriorate their quality either at the level of production or transport.

Secur-T can assist you in order to strictly comply with the necessary provisions so that food products retain their freshness and integrity with security seals available in several forms; lengths, colors and strengths.

Ensuring traceability

Using safety seals during the production and transportation of various foods helps to ensure their traceability and thus avoids problems such as voluntary or involuntary contamination.


This vigilance contributes to food safety in Canada, knowing that food spoilage remains a rare event in the country.

Health Canada and the CFIA are working hard to ensure the safety of food that ends up on our plates and the safety seals used in their transportation are an integral part of these safety processes.

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