It’s time to prepare your inventories as summer is almost here! Order your security seals now to protect access to your containers or your warehouses and to preserve the quality of your goods. At Secur-T, we offer you a wide range of locking devices suitable for several uses.

Why should you use security seals?

Security seals are devices intended to lock all types of compartments, in particular trucks, containers or even storage warehouses, in order to prevent theft as well as intrusion attempts which could be the cause contamination or deterioration of the goods. These accessories are available in several models depending on the level of security you are looking for and your budget.

The types of security seals we offer

We work with the best suppliers to offer you good quality, resistant security seals adapted to your needs. Discover the models we are selling.

Plastic security seals

Contrary to popular belief, plastic security seals can be very strong. We offer easy-to-install fixed and adjustable models that come in a variety of colors. Each device also has a side on which you can add information about the products, including their name, a barcode or even a particular date.

Metal security seals

Metal security seals are stronger and are generally recommended for goods transfers by truck, container or train. This type of device is therefore ideal for optimizing the security of your goods after your inventories. Depending on the model, they are made of strong cables or bolts that will provide maximum protection for your products.

State-of-the-art security seals

We also offer state-of-the-art security seals. These are connected devices renowned for their inviolability, thanks to which you have the possibility of tracking your goods via an online platform.

These accessories provide you with information such as temperature, light, location or even shocks, and are able to store data even when the signal is not on. They then send a report as soon as the connection is restored. Finally, they are resistant, solid, easy to handle and generally reusable.


Use strong and good quality security seals to secure your trucks, your storage warehouses or your containers. You will find details of the models we offer in our online catalogue.

In addition, you can also call on us to analyze your protective equipment needs. Our experts will be happy to assess the risks to which you are exposed and offer you solutions adapted to your situation and your budget.