Plastic seals: fixed and adjustable… Why so many varieties?

Plastic seals: fixed and adjustable… Why so many varieties?

At Secur-T, we provide you with plastic seals to lock your containers, trailers, storage warehouses or any other type of compartment. Why do we offer so many varieties?

What is a security seal?

A security seal is a device intended to lock a compartment such as a trailer, a storage warehouse or even a suitcase. Equipped with a serial number or a barcode, it also facilitates the monitoring of goods, particularly in the field of transport. If the number listed on departure is different from that noted on arrival, this means that there has been a violation, and possibly theft, deterioration or contamination of the content.

What plastic seals do we offer?

Plastic seals have a tab on which you can engrave product information, numbers or barcodes. Contrary to popular belief, they are quite solid and resistant if they are of good quality. In addition, they are easy to install and are available in several colors. There are 2 categories of plastic seals and we offer them all.

  • Fixed plastic seals: it is not possible to modify the length of their link, which means that their field of use is sometimes restricted.
  • Adjustable plastic seals: you can adjust the length of the tie according to your needs.

In all cases, we work with the best suppliers to offer you models of superior quality, resistant, durable and designed according to standards.

Why do we offer so many varieties?

We always try to vary the security seals we offer so that you can find a model that perfectly suits your needs and your budget in our catalog. Your choice will depend essentially on the use for which you intend the product. The fixed plastic model Gemini Tote is, for example, to be favored for use in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, the adjustable Plastic PullTight Bag Seal is designed for zippered bags. It is also highly appreciated by financial institutions.

We also offer other types of security seals

To give you even more choice, we also offer other types of security seals for sale:

  • Metal seals: These are made of bolts or wires to provide maximum security for your goods during transit. They are known for their high strength and durability.
  • Connected seals: they protect your goods and allow them to be monitored at any time during their journey via a dedicated online platform. Being connected, they send, in real time, important data such as location, temperature and many other parameters, depending on the device.

To finish

You can find details of the different types and models of security seals we offer on our website. It is also possible to reach us by phone at 1-800-353-7557 or to fill out the online contact form directly to obtain additional information on our products or our services.