A security seal is a device designed to lock compartments such as containers, trailers or even travel bags in order to prevent theft and breaches. It comes in several models, including plastic, metal, fixed or adjustable models. We are going to take a look at those adjustable plastic security seals.

What is an adjustable plastic security seal?

As its name suggests, this model of security seal is made of particularly resistant plastic. Also, it is possible to adjust the length of the strap, depending on where you want to install it. It is thus suitable for various uses since it adapts to all sizes. However, you will find it especially in air transport or in the medical field.

What are the benefits of an adjustable plastic security seal?

An adjustable plastic security seal is very strong and robust in general, but can also be easily broken by hand and flexible depending on the type of seal you choose. It also has many other benefits, including:

Some plastic security seals can be removed very easily, without using a specific tool, to facilitate operations. Other of our seals almost require a cable cutter, or at least a good pair of scissors and it is impossible to break them by hand. It is therefore possible to choose the type of seals that suits you according to the desired resistance and the importance of the goods. Also, it is not reusable and may include identifying information. Thus, it is possible to know if it has been replaced during the journey.

We are selling adjustable plastic security seals!

At Secur-T, we sell a wide selection of adjustable plastic security seals. We offer you resistant and premium quality products, from renowned suppliers, in order to satisfy you as best as possible. Among the models included in our catalog we can cite for example:

We also sell other models of security seals!

We also sell other types of security seals, namely fixed plastic or metal models. We also invite you to consult our online catalog to discover all the locking devices we offer.


The adjustable plastic security seals that we offer are reliable and of premium quality. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to obtain additional information on these devices or on any of our other products. You can also place your order directly online.