The Advantages of Using Temporary Construction Fences

Using temporary construction fences offers many advantages. Here are the main ones:

1 – Fast installation

Construction sites are temporary, so it’s not necessary to construct a permanent fence when you’ll only be working at a site for a few weeks. Temporary construction fences are fast and easy to install. They require very little investment and let you save time on the real project.

Securing a construction site in record time is therefore quite possible with temporary fences.

2 – Adjustable

With their many accessories, such as pins, hooks, and wheels, temporary construction fences adapt to all situations. You can therefore adjust the fence to the size of the site and make it bigger as work progresses. This aspect is a significant advantage that delights construction professionals as well as organizers of various events.

3 – Ensures the protection of the site

Although the security of the site can’t be 100% guaranteed, it’s obvious that temporary construction fences tend to discourage thieves and/or vandals. Vandalism is common on construction sites, as is the theft of tools and equipment. To avoid this type of problem, the temporary construction fence is an excellent solution.

Don’t hesitate to add locks (which you can pass through the eyelets provided for this purpose) or surveillance cameras to enhance site security. It’s worth noting that a fence can serve as a small but effective bulwark; the hooks placed on the sides of the grids are perfect for creating long, solid walls that are hard to dismantle for the uninitiated.

4 – Can be used in many situations

Despite their name, temporary construction fences aren’t only reserved for construction sites. For example, you can also use them for media, cultural, or sporting events. They’re also useful for separating spaces, directing people or vehicles, organizing waiting lines, etc.

5 – Light 

Temporary construction fences are designed to be moved, so you can transport them in a truck and load and unload them without any problems. Once in place, they’re easy to transport and position, since their weight is very small.

6 – Reusable

This aspect isn’t often considered, yet it’s of the utmost importance to a company’s budget. Unlike stationary fences, temporary construction fences are reusable, which lets you use them for several projects. You can store them at your offices, since most of these fences can be stacked ingeniously and take up very little space when stored.

7 – Sturdy

Although they aren’t fixed, temporary construction fences are still quite sturdy. The materials used in their construction are strong and water-resistant. You can therefore secure your sites for several years regardless of the weather.

Temporary construction fences are an attractive investment for construction or event management companies. Useful and practical, they let you save time while protecting a site and/or people. Choose the dimensions of your grids and the materials that make them up, and make sure you have enough of them in case the model can’t be reproduced. In fact, you should make sure that you can possibly buy another grid in case one of your stock breaks or gets stolen. Finally, you should also think about where you’re going to store them.

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