The COVID-19 pandemic currently raging in the world forces everyone to adopt protective measures to limit the spread of the virus while continuing their daily activities. With this in mind, why not opt ​​for masks and visors that combine both workplace safety and protection against coronavirus?

Masks and visors now available to purchase

Secur-T offers a catalog of high quality products that meet the norms and standards in force in order to guarantee user safety and protection. With our range of protective masks and visors, everyone is guaranteed to be optimally protected against any external attack.

2 in 1 solutions

Our products provide a solution that allows you to be safe in your workplaces, such as on construction sites, factories or in laboratories, while being perfectly adapted to protect you from COVID-19.

The mask filter and the quality of the visors prevent inhalation of particles through the air you breathe and the visor retains any fluid that can contaminate you. Thus, you get an effective 2-in-1 solution that definitely stands out from most masks on the market.

Masks and visors suitable for everyone

Our masks and visors are not limited only to uses in your workplace, but these solutions are designed to fit anywhere even in public places.

You can use it whenever you need to get in touch with other people. This provides optimal protection against possible contamination with coronavirus and other aggressive agents. The fight is far from over, so to ensure your health, choose quality equipment.

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