First of all, the whole Secur-T team wishes you all the best for this new year. Good health, great successes, great joy and the realization of all your projects in 2022. On our side, we continue to offer you a wide range of high quality and C-TPAT compliant security seals for the locking of your containers or your trucks to secure the supply chain remains safe and secure.

Plastic security seals

Contrary to popular belief, plastic security seals are solid, resistant, effective and suitable for many applications. In addition, they have a customizable side on which you can write a barcode or a name (company or other) for better tracking of your goods. In addition, these devices are easy to install and available in several colors and models.

Fixed models

Here are your choices:

Adjustable models

There are many options for this model:

Metal security seals

Metal security seals are mainly in the form of bolts or cables to ensure maximum security of goods during transport. They are generally essential for locking trucks, containers or trains transporting cargo for export.

We offer several models of metal security seals:

We particularly draw your attention to Geo Bolt, our new product, which is intended to be practical and effective. This is state-of-the-art reusable equipment that, in addition to locking, tracks your goods using a geolocation system. In addition, it is able to notify owners of attempted break-ins or tampering and provide visual evidence.

A few words about Secur-T

Secur-T is part of the Canado Nacan Equipment group, which has been a leader in the distribution of turnkey solutions to ensure health and safety in the industrial sector in North America for more than 40 years. We specialize in security devices for supply chains such as seals or accessories for forklifts. In addition, we offer quality services and various products at attractive prices.

To conclude

We always have the models of security seals presented above in stock. We can also make customizations for our customers if needed; however, this requires some time. Feel free to contact us or browse our website for additional information about our services and products. Finally, we thank you for your trust and reiterate our best wishes for 2022.

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