2D barcoding, 2D barcode or two-dimensional barcode technology makes it possible to identify, seal and secure different types of products efficiently. It is essential in order to be able to ensure the traceability and security of delicate products for storage or transport to a more or less distant location. The final receivers can then identify them more easily while having the assurance that the trip took place in good conditions.


Today, new devices are constantly being introduced to optimize supply chains. Some companies have to handle a large number of products belonging to different categories. These may require different treatments, whether in terms of storage or handling. The 2D barcode constitutes a system that perfectly meets this requirement.

How does the 2D barcode work?

The 2D barcode works in a similar way to the traditional barcode, except that it gathers as much information as possible on a small surface. Concretely, it is composed of different patterns, mainly points and squares or other shapes.

Reading a barcode in two dimensions is obviously done using a dedicated reader, but not only.

It can also be interpreted by installing free applications on your smartphone or tablet. A scan then makes it possible to recover different types of data: images, location, web address, destination, route, geographic information and other information essential for complete monitoring.

The barcode is easy and quick to use, while providing detailed information in just a few seconds. Compared to a traditional barcode, it offers ten times more usable data.

Varied applications

The 2D barcode can be used in different ways. Beyond simple identification, it is possible to apply it on all seals compatible with laser marking, such as plastic seals intended for transport.

To innovate your identification, tracing, security or even tracking system for your products, you can adopt the 2D barcode.

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