Secur-T is a leader in the distribution of innovative locking devices and tracking solutions to ensure the safety of your goods during their transfer from one place to another. We offer state-of-the-art systems like the GeoBolt and TB-HGR4 that work through the GeoSmart online platform to help you have peace of mind at all times.

The GeoBolt device

The GeoBolt was born from the collaboration between GeoTech and TydenBrooks. It is a locking and tracking device of goods renowned in the market for its inviolability. It allows you to follow the journey of your cargo in real time and notifies you in the event of an attempt to breach or tamper with the system. It is also known for its strength and robustness thanks to the use of a high security bolt joint, in accordance with ISO 1772: 2013.

The GeoBolt is also equipped with a unique identification number, an internal GPS and a GSM network. Furthermore, the device is able to store 2,000 reports even if it is disconnected and immediately sends alerts when the signal is active. Finally, it is important to note that the device is reusable, which makes it an effective, tamper-proof and economical security solution.

The TB-HGR4 device

The TydenBrooks TB-HGR4 device is primarily used to monitor external conditions in a supply chain to ensure that products do not degrade and remain safe. Operating completely autonomously, it is indeed able to provide real-time information regarding location, temperature, movements, shock levels and light.

Like the GeoBolt, the TB-HGR4 is able to retain a large amount of data even when disconnected and then send alerts immediately once the signal is active. In addition, this device has a NIST traceability option and is reusable, with the possibility of recharging it using QI wireless charging. Finally, you have the choice between wired use or fixed use.

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We sell high-quality devices that are manufactured according to the standards in force in place to guarantee the optimal safety of your goods during their transfer or within your storage warehouses. We also offer you qualified experts who will be able to listen to you, analyze the risks related to your activity and finally provide you with sound advice on the best solutions to undertake.

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