Forklift Safety Rules: Three Measures for Protecting Pedestrians

Lifting and handling devices, especially forklifts, are essential pieces of equipment for transporting goods, both in factories and storage warehouses. But every year, the handling of such machines causes hundreds of accidents. Here are three measures to protect pedestrians by following the forklift safety rules.

Organize the Work Safely

Studies show that deficiencies in the organization of the work contribute to forklift accidents. Factory and warehouse managers must therefore make sure:

Take the Right Actions

Careful behaviour on the part of the driver also helps reduce the risk of forklift accidents. For example, they must make sure to:

The pedestrian must also take all possible safety measures, especially:

Equip Yourself with a Smart Prevention System

There are prevention systems for preventing collisions between forklifts and pedestrians. Proxipi is a cutting-edge solution that can detect pedestrians in the handling area thanks to a badge worn by the pedestrian and an antenna attached to the forklift.

Every year in Quebec, there are hundreds of accidents involving forklifts, in the most serious cases resulting in the death of a worker. Only good work organization, appropriate training and behaviour, and a suitable prevention system can prevent accidents such as pedestrians getting crushed or trapped between the forklift and an object.

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