It is a barrier that rolls up, easy to transport, designed for construction sites and warehouses and with a very simple installation. The result is a clearly defined area that prevents intrusion. Workers can thus carry out their missions within the secure area.

The Rapid Roll can be used in all places to secure an area. 

An example: It can be used to secure an area where you work on a roof. Instead of drilling a hole in the roof to secure your harness, all you have to do is deploy the Rapid Roll around the work area and now no harness is needed because the Rapid Roll secures the area (note that the Rapid Roll must be 3 feet from the edge of the roof to be used without a harness).

More and more companies wants to secure their warehouse or need to be CTPAT certified and control the incoming and outgoing visitors, outside workers, delivery truckers, etc.

A cage assure you that the visitors stay in a secure and confined area where you have control and where the visitor cannot wander easily in your warehouse.

If you want to do business in the United States, you must be CTPAT certified.

Security seals allows you to have more control over the merchandise you ship. That assures you that there was NO theft between your warehouse and the delivery point.

If you ship to the United States or across the borders, YES, you must use a CTPAT certified seals. 

If you ship only in Canada, NO, you do not have to use CTPAT certified seals.