The global health crisis has an inevitable impact on professional activities. Your offices, warehouses and work sites are directly affected. Indeed, in order to limit or even avoid the spread of the coronavirus, precautions must be taken, in particular with regard to the safe distance between people, regardless of where they are. In this context, SecurT – which is part of the larger industrial group Canado Nacan has adjusted its catalogue accordingly. We are now offering three new essential products.

The Laserglow to delimit space

Social distance is one of the barrier gestures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A minimum distance of one meter or even ideally two meters between individuals is strongly recommended.

The Laserglow provides invaluable assistance in applying this social distance through markings on the ground using a projector. It allows in particular to indicate the places where everyone can / must stand to respect it.

Industrial reception barrier

Entrances and exits to your premises must be strictly controlled to limit interpersonal interactions. When these are essential, precautions must be taken. The industrial reception barrier makes it possible to control the comings and goings, whether it is the personnel or the visitors of passage, for a delivery or a pickup. The door has a slot for the passage of documents and an opening to facilitate verbal exchanges. These halls have been specially designed to secure all exchanges.

Portable personal protection for business transactions

Finally, we offer Slocan portable personal protection to secure essential interpersonal interactions. This device has the advantage of being easy to transport and install. You can set it up in different places, whether on a desk between colleagues or on a service counter. The transparent polycarbonate screen prevents any inadvertent projection, preserving the safety of each party.

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