Bolt seals or bolts are devices intended for locking a container and other storage or transport compartments. They ensure the protection of goods while making it easier to spot an attempted breach. Secur-T provides you with two types of bolts. Let’s do a check in.

Flexible Rode Bolt

The flexible rode bolts consist of a nut through which the non-preformed cable must be inserted to lock the compartment. Identical bar codes are inscribed on both parts of the device so that the authorities can easily identify the replacement of one of them. This would indeed prove that the locking system was violated.

2D barcode bolt

The principle of operation of the 2D Barcode Bolt is similar to that of the Soft Rod Thread Bolt. The biggest difference is that the 2D barcode allows you to have more information such as geographic location, route, images or even the company logo. In short, this composition of patterns and other geometric shapes offers more complete information to ensure better tracking of goods. In addition, it is now possible to scan the code from a phone.

Do bolt-on bolts meet C-TPAT standards?

C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) standards were established in the United States to combat terrorist threats. Thus, all companies wishing to import products into the country must meet strict security criteria throughout the supply chain, including the locking of containers. The self-sealing bolts we offer meet C-TPAT standards.

Why buy your bolts from Secur-T?

We are experienced in the sale of security devices and only offer quality and proven products. Our prices are, however, among the most reasonable on the market. In addition, we deliver your orders in good condition as quickly as possible.

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