As the Christmas and New Year holidays approach, we wish you to enjoy this joyous period to the full. May you enjoy unique moments with the people who are dear to you and may you welcome together and in happiness the year 2023 that is looming. We thank our employees, our customers and our suppliers for our partnership during this year 2022. We are committed to offering you the best for next year while innovating our services to constantly improve ourselves.

Our annual closing times

The year 2022 is slowly drawing to a close and we are also actively preparing to close the year and to prepare for a new year that is ever richer in novelties and innovations. In view of the Christmas and end-of-year holidays, we inform our kind customers that our offices will be closed on December 26 and 27, 2022, as well as January 2 and 3, 2023. As a result, we will not be taking order or delivery during these days. Outside of these dates, we remain open and fully available to our partners.

Secur-T, your partner in safety equipment

At Secur-T, we offer you the best in terms of solutions for securing your goods, merchandise and your industrial areas and commercial premises. We have a wide range of safety equipment to suit your needs and your budget.

Different security seals and seals

We offer a wide selection of padlocks and security seals to protect your property from any theft attempt. Made of plastic or metal, our accessories meet the strictest manufacturing and safety standards. They are used to make your containers and warehouses tamper-proof.

Various safety accessories

We also offer various safety accessories, such as cable cutters, bolt cutters and a whole range of tie-down systems for trucks. We also have security solutions for your forklifts to avoid accidents in industrial areas. These are technologies such as blue lights, level and height indicators, motion detectors.

Sanitary equipment

Finally, we offer various ranges of sanitary equipment and accessories so that your businesses and commercial premises comply with the new standards of physical distancing. You have the choice between protective visors, washable and reusable reversible non-medical masks, partitions and many more.