To delimit your work while ensuring the safety of your sites, it is better to set up barriers instead of traditional traffic cones. The Rapid Roll retractable models are proving to be both practical and effective and a special promotional offer is currently available. We tell you more about it below.

The Rapid Roll retractable barriers ensure your protection

Contrary to the simple traffic signs, traffic cones or ribbons, the net of the Rapid Roll can’t be trespassed. This way, your team can work in peace, without the risk of careless pedestrians encroaching on your job site. At the same time, you protect them against possible accidents that could occur due to slipping or falling of one of your tools.

Optimal visibility

Pedestrians or distracted motorists may miss the signs. The advantage of the Rapid Roll is that it’s clearly visible from a distance, even during the night. The orange color is visible regardless of the work environment. In addition, the nets are equipped with reflective strips.

Convenient and easy to use barriers

The net is long enough to provide security for a wide area. It is arranged in a retractor and is easily detached. To install it, simply place the posts on the 4 corners of the area you want to protect, unroll the net and hang it on the clips. It can also be moved and stored easily.

Promotional offer the Rapid Roll retractable barriers

Currently, there is a $50 off the Rapid Roll. The offer is valid for a limited time. Take the opportunity to invest in some of the most practical protection currently available.

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