What are a Construction Site Coordinator’s Responsibilities?

The Construction Site Coordinator is a key person on a construction site who is responsible to supervise the site and organize the resources to ensure plans are followed and that work progresses according to schedule.

The Construction Site Coordinator’s Work Environment

The Construction Site Coordinator has both a supervisory and management role, and reports to the Director of Works or a Project Manager.

Working directly on the site, they are responsible to supervise the construction process and to ensure work is done properly according to plans and construction schedules. Various professionals can be called upon to do this role based on the degree of complexity on the worksite:

A Construction Site Coordinator’s tasks vary depending on the specific job description, but they generally include providing technical and administrative support, coordination, cost control, and preventing workplace health and safety risks.

An Administrative Role

The Construction Site Coordinator is in fact the primary onsite administrator, working directly under the project’s management. They are responsible for day-to-day operations, including signing off on materials orders.

A Site Coordination Role

The Construction Site Coordinator has an organizational task to manage the actual on-site work and planning, including managing subcontractor relationships and facility management, among other things.

Cost Control

The Construction Site Coordinator controls costs and creates a report on the actual expenses compared to the forecasted budget. More than an administrative role, it is also a real-time project costs auditing function. This task takes the form of approving quotes and monitoring contract costs and progress. This is a particularly important role in the field of cost monitoring, since project costs are based on these contracts.

The Role of Intermediary

Managing difficult situations with contractors, conflicts with suppliers and delivery challenges on site are an integral part of the Construction Site Coordinator role. These tasks are directly related to project supervision, construction material logistics and work completion.

Technical Responsibilities

The technical side of construction site coordination is also extremely important. As a professional technical advisor known for their expertise in the construction industry and a highly experienced manager, the Construction Site Coordinator manages complex technical plans and problems. As the main supervisor of work on the site, they ensure proper interaction between the various stakeholders. The Construction Site Coordinator is also responsible to prevent and manage workplace health and safety issues.

A Salaried or Self-Employed Professional

The Construction Site Coordinator can work as an employee for large construction companies or work on a specific project. For people with recognized experience and qualification in the construction industry, this kind of role provides excellent career advancement opportunities as well as professional mobility.

The Construction Site Coordinator is a versatile generalist involved in all levels of the project and with all stakeholders. This comprehensive position generally opens doors to management roles.

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