Did you know that Secur-T offers different accessories for your forklift ?
Health and safety strategy in warehouses requires forklift equipment. Discover which are the different categories of accessories for your forklift.

Collision prevention system :

The Forklift Spotters warn pedestrians of forklifts that are near by.

Forklift protection systems :

The Back-savr, a solution to prevent risk of injury

The Back–SavR is an innovative guard specially engineered to shield operators against a potential collision when backing up near racking systems.


Safe Bump forklift protector : protection for forklift

Specifically designed for forklifts, these bumpers reduce damage in many applications.


Indicators for forklift :

 Accu-TILT fork tilt level indicator for forklifts and lift trucks

Accu–Tilt is a Fork Tilt Level Indicator that is made for all makes and models of forklifts and lift trucks.



Fork height indicator

Accu–Height is a simple sticker set that allows the operator to quickly know the right height of the forks at various rack levels. By matching the indicator sticker with the color marker, the correct fork height is then obtained and safe to enter the pallet.


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