The activities of the Canado Nacan Group encompass everything related to transport logistics, the safety of employees, goods and production equipment on loading docks and in industrial areas. In order to meet all your needs, the group offers 3 companies, namely Secur-T, Canado Nacan Equipment and Solutions Prox-Secur. Discover the specialties of each of them as well as the benefits of such teamwork.

Secur-T, the solution to secure your logistics system

Secur-T is a company specializing in everything related to the securing of goods, containers and the distribution of accessories for forklifts. The brand has the best products dedicated to logistical security, in particular the various security seals and cable cutters.

You can also find various accessories for forklifts here, including machine guards and front and rear lights. Finally, the company has different ranges of mesh, partitions, as well as Rapid Roll barriers

Canado Nacan Equipment, the solution for loading docks.

As for Canado Nacan Equipment, the company specializes in securing loading docks and factories. The solutions include equipment and accessories dedicated to securing docks, such as retaining hooks and leveling bridges. When it comes to factory safety, this company offers products such as industrial doors and safety barriers.

We also offer solutions to optimize the separation of environments, including the separation of cold compartments, the control of air circulation or the sealing of a specific area for energy saving.

Solutions Prox-Secur, your ally to secure your industrial areas

Finally, Prox-Secur offers a whole range of solutions dedicated to the protection of employees and equipment within industries. The equipment and accessories available in the Prox-Secur catalog include systems for preventing collisions between machines, preventing falls for employees working at height, as well as other protection solutions.

Among the most frequently offered systems are portable guardrails, signaling systems for safe and dangerous areas, as well as devices for delimiting industrial machinery.

Why use the Canado Nacan group?

The Canado Nacan Group is a reference across Canada in the field of securing people and machines in industries, loading docks and high-rise areas.

If the group is so successful, it is above all thanks to the complete solutions offered to customers. You can find everything you need to secure your shipping sites and goods.

Innovation is one of the group’s priorities. Thus, Canado Nacan Group offers its customers state-of-the-art solutions. In addition, the quality and robustness of the products are guaranteed by the group. This builds customer confidence wherever they are served.